Coaching Praise for MEGAN ARNESON


I've had many long years dedicated to learning and practicing personal growth tools (particularly coming from a yoga-based background) and I see a lot of holistic wisdom coming from Megan's approach. There's a focus on positivity, on choosing your reality, on examining self-defeating patterns and being empowered to choose thoughts and actions that serve your goals.

Megan has the confidence and abilities to customize a path for clients who need support and a push to realize their potential in business, relationships or personal growth. Her style is warm, energetic, and challenging in the right ways to move forward through blocks or stagnation. I felt I was pushed to re-examine and change my patterns of thinking, and this easily spilled over into my life, where I am able to continue using these tools to have more empowered approaches to both my personal and professional activities.

Lubna T., CAreer Coach



Megan helped me take my business to the next level. When we began our coaching sessions, I was in a place where I was experiencing some early successes, but struggling to figure out my plan and priorities for moving forward. Over the course of our four months working together, Megan guided me to put together a plan of action for the next year, with a laser focus on my business's purpose and mission. At the end of our program, I have a clear plan for next steps, and confidence in my ability to execute on it.

Megan's great strength is her ability to blend her skills as a coach with her expertise as a business advisor, which was exactly what I was looking for. She has a program and a set of business skills that she wants to help you develop, but she applies her curriculum flexibly and responsively to her client's needs - nothing ever feels cookie cutter. For example, she knew I was most concerned about my budget for the year, so she made sure we spent extra time up front to address my concerns. She also helped me through some stressful milestones in my business, including a big office move, with just the right amount of cheerleading and extra support. I particularly appreciated that she was available for emergency calls as necessary - even though I only used that option once, it was really nice to know it was available.

Maya B., Licensed Therapist


Megan is straight forward, no fluff and knows her stuff.  Her business advice along with life coaching work hand-in-hand. She taught me the tools I needed to feel confident in my personal life, and helped to give me the confidence to move forward with goals in my business. She is incredibly easy to talk to and we share a lot of the same core beliefs. The best part is I’ve walked away with new skills I can put to work my business and I’m already seeing the work I put in paying off!

Jessica A., Blogger/Agvocate


Megan is patient, inquisitive, non-judgmental, and dedicated to helping you to help yourself. She is your cheerleader, guide, and accountability partner, all rolled into one. She had exactly the right balance of advanced business acumen and behavior coaching tools I was looking for in order to balance my business growth goals and personal coaching to get me there.

My biggest fear about starting was that I was not “together” enough to begin. Looking back, it’s humorous that I thought I needed a process to get ready in order to get ready! She quickly showed me how together I actually already was, and helped me find what I really wanted to achieve, along with tools to help me get there that built a solid plan.

Aaron J., Life coach



"After one initial meeting with Megan I was able to find the clarity, vision, and purpose to my ideas and begin moving forward with developing an action plan to put these thoughts into motion. Her encouragement, guidance, and advice made me ask myself critical questions which gave insight to the building blocks and road map I needed to start my business development process. Megan helped me begin to tackle my fears, see myself and path clearly, and realize that I was the only thing holding myself back and it was time to chase my dreams."

Erin G., Interior Designer


I appreciate how Megan always meets me where I am, whether that is super emotional, or not feeling it today, or whether or not I have done my homework. Honestly, I was afraid that nothing really would change and that I would have wasted a lot of money on something selfish. This did not come true. I think the act of investment made me take it seriously. Now I am so much more aware of how my thoughts dictate my moods and feelings and that I can change my thoughts about anything I want. Becoming more aware of the fact that half of life is going to be a bummer and being ok about that has been pretty transformative. I think before whenever I was feeling shitty, I either tried to change the feeling immediately or felt martyr-y about my unbearable load. Now I know that I can decide to let it go, and that has changed everything.

Jenny J., Owner Marketing Consultancy



"Megan is an excellent coach. She brings experience from a diverse background in business, sustainability and facilitation. Her coaching style is very supportive yet not overbearing. She will help you to navigate your own path with more clarity and is full of resources for any of the major challenges you may encounter on the road to success. She helped me a lot with how to clarify and step into my role as a leader in my business and feel confident managing the daunting list of responsibilities required to start and run a small business."

Sean G., Farmer/Community Builder


I started working with Megan in the midst of a transitional period where I felt stuck, like a brick. Feet in concrete stuck. Megan worked with me to feel my emotions that I didn't want to feel, see the value and beauty in them, and take action (slowly - not like a rocket like I used to) to make impactful change.

We worked for a couple weeks on me getting a job in which I was valued. The icing on the cake was me seeing my own value instead of the fear of starting over. Now, I can happily say I am starting my new career path in a couple weeks, confident and excited for this next opportunity.

I highly suggest working with Megan if you're ready for "what's next," if you're wanting to grow outside of your comfort zone with a coach who's by your side helping you breakthrough the fear and frustration.

Crystal G., REal Estate Project Manager


"My first session with Megan really lit a fire under me. I woke up the next day and said “Screw it! I’m not going to have this defeated attitude anymore.” I know I can do this. I just needed to hear from someone on the outside that I don’t need to accept less. I’m already seeing things coming at me differently. I have a better attitude and I am taking action. No time like the present to get started!"

Thia F., career-changer