Coaching Praise for HERE+NOW



"Megan is an excellent coach. She brings experience from a diverse background in business, sustainability and facilitation. Her coaching style is very supportive yet not overbearing. She will help you to navigate your own path with more clarity and is full of resources for any of the major challenges you may encounter on the road to success. She helped me a lot with how to clarify and step into my role as a leader in my business and feel confident managing the daunting list of responsibilities required to start and run a small business."

Sean Girling, Just Herb



"After one initial meeting with Megan I was able to find the clarity, vision, and purpose to my ideas and begin moving forward with developing an action plan to put these thoughts into motion. Her encouragement, guidance, and advice made me ask myself critical questions which gave insight to the building blocks and road map I needed to start my business development process. Megan helped me begin to tackle my fears, see myself and path clearly, and realize that I was the only thing holding myself back and it was time to chase my dreams."

Erin Green, The Pink Winnebago



"After the initial "Get Unstuck" phone call, my partner and I felt a great deal of relief. Megan has an innate and intuitive gift for hearing what her client is really saying regarding their desires, needs, frustrations and road blocks. Her ability to break down the process and plan of action to meet goals and develop a more authentic life is one she makes very accessible." 

Jesse Chandler, The Ukulele Cowboy Society

"My first session with Megan really lit a fire under me. I woke up the next day and said  “Screw it! I’m not going to have this defeated attitude anymore.” I know I can do this. I just needed to hear from someone on the outside that I don’t need to accept less. I’m already seeing things coming at me differently. I have a better attitude and I am taking action. No time like the present to get started!"

Thia Frazier, career-changer