Perfect Purpose Planner E-course


COURSE Outline

Day 1 - Starting tomorrow, you’ll receive your first email. Day 1 is about laying the foundation. I’ll ask you a slightly different set of questions depending on whether you already have a draft purpose statement that you want to improve and refine, or if you’re starting from scratch. Your homework will be to answer those questions in as much detail as possible to prepare for Day 2.

Day 2 - We’ll start with getting out your journal and doing a visioning exercise where you'll write down in as much detail as you can possibly muster — what the company you’re building will ideally look like 5, 10 or 20 years in the future. Then we’ll do a values identification project where you’ll come up with a list of the values that are most important to you and that really sum up what you stand for.

Day 3 - We’ll take some of the language you came up with in the exercises on Days 1 and 2 and we’ll plug it into a simple template for your Perfect Purpose Statement. We’ll try a few different versions and keep tweaking it until it feels right.

Day 4 - We’ll test it out. You’ll send your favorite draft version out to employees, friends and trusted advisors to get their impressions, and see whether they feel your statement fits.

Day 5 - I’ll show you how to start putting your Purpose Statement into practice so you begin taking action and making decisions from a place of integrity and authenticity (in other words, in line with your purpose) every day. 

You’ll spend an average of 30 minutes a day or less working on the exercises.

At the end of 5 days: what will you have?

A clearer path for you and your employees to feel fulfilled in your work, and you’ll have the destination in mind when you begin to build your roadmap. 

As you begin to make all decisions in your business or practice keeping your ultimate purpose in mind, you will connect in a much deeper way with your ideal audience. Being clear on your purpose enhances your ability to attract people who believe what you believe. And that will inevitably lead to easier sales and a more sustainable business!