Ever feel STUCK?


We all get stuck sometimes! Whether it’s the 3 o’clock slump, or an ongoing problem that is plaguing you (resulting in procrastination), or a case of over-stimulation leading to overwhelm. Download the 10 Simple Steps guide for free. Try the steps in any combination of 1-3 at a time and watch the magic unfold!

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Failure Is Not an Option ... It's Inevitable

Failure Is Not an Option ... It's Inevitable

Our culture has this incredible aversion to failure. When someone says they “feel like a failure” it brings up some of the worst emotions: self-doubt, pity, shame. This is changing in some circles, but #fearoffailure still holds so many of us back from doing things that would help us grow. But, failure is inevitable. If you’re not willing to fail at all, it means you never tried.