Ever feel STUCK?


We all get stuck sometimes! Whether it’s the 3 o’clock slump, or an ongoing problem that is plaguing you (resulting in procrastination), or a case of over-stimulation leading to overwhelm. Download the 10 Simple Steps guide for free. Try the steps in any combination of 1-3 at a time and watch the magic unfold!

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Social Media Marketing

Experimenting with Quizzes & Surveys to Drive Traffic

Experimenting with Quizzes & Surveys to Drive Traffic

Despite the fact that I was anti- social media quiz, at first, I know that we all have an insatiable desire to learn more about who we are and why. Unlike other types of consumable online content, quizzes allow people to not only express themselves, but to make their own choices. Whereas most content is static, quizzes are interactive. People love learning about themselves and talking about themselves and quizzes allow them to do both.