Ever feel STUCK?


We all get stuck sometimes! Whether it’s the 3 o’clock slump, or an ongoing problem that is plaguing you (resulting in procrastination), or a case of over-stimulation leading to overwhelm. Download the 10 Simple Steps guide for free. Try the steps in any combination of 1-3 at a time and watch the magic unfold!

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Managing Your Own Feelings, aka "Emotional Adulthood"

Managing Your Own Feelings, aka "Emotional Adulthood"

#Adulting. Yes, taking responsibility for our own emotions is the grown-up thing to do. (And yet, so many of us don't!) Because no one TEACHES us how to feel our feelings. In fact, we’re actually taught from a young age that other people are responsible for how we feel. How to change this? Learn to manage your thoughts … yes, it’s that simple!