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Experimenting with Quizzes & Surveys to Drive Traffic

This cannot be argued: It’s an amazing time to build a business online!

Never have there been so many tools to help us automate our systems. In fact, I’m blown away every day at how much less time it takes to get traffic and build an audience online than even two years ago! (Not to mention what it was like when I started my first blog in 2006!) Over the last 4 months, I’ve been deep in the process building a rather sophisticated system from scratch without the help of a single designer or developer … and let’s be clear: I AM NOT a tech person!

The challenge is, after wading through all the myriad tools out there – SO many that have similar or overlapping features – how is one to know which to choose?? Having faced this dilemma head-on over the last year, and after spending a significant number of hours nerding out with my research, I’m just now starting to solidify my opinions and recommendations.


For today, let’s start with quizzes and surveys for driving traffic, shall we?

So, as a former corporate event planner, I’ve been using SurveyMonkey for gathering information from all kinds of audiences for as long as I can remember using any online collaboration tools. Gathering data from audiences is a foundational piece of any effective marketing campaign, internal or external. But what I’d never tried before was using a survey as a lead magnet to grow a list. Now, SurveyMonkey has grown quite a bit in terms of sophistication over the years, and I’m sure it can do things now that I didn’t even know I needed. But a year ago, when I was considering how to build my list and gather market data at the same time, I assumed I wanted something more robust.

In late 2016, I read a terrific book called Ask, by Ryan Levesque. The premise is simple: “Ask people what they want. Then give it to them.” Like ... SO SIMPLE. Yeah, in kind of a forehead-slapping, “Duh!” kind of way. But the magic is in Levesque’s precise formula for how to structure the questions, then create segments (or buckets, as he calls them), and add incredible customization into your sales funnels and product launches. Oh, and by the way, lead generation is just a natural by-product. It's fascinating and brilliant and kind of mind-blowing.

I went ahead and purchased the ASK Method program because I was so intrigued, and I wanted a play-by-play handbook for exactly how to get it done. It was a significant investment, and it sounded so simple. But simple and easy are not the same thing. Just because a concept is simple doesn’t mean the execution will be uncomplicated. I found I’d completely underestimated the time commitment required to put all the pieces into place and complete the course.

Part of my problem was that I didn’t really even have an email list beyond friends and family at that point. And despite the program’s promise that I didn’t need one, I found that didn’t have time to waste at that point on building one using their method (which looks quite different once you do have an established list.) I needed to grow my list ASAP and get some programs on the market so that I could continue to fund this long, involved process of gathering data.

Then, suddenly, a company called Interact blipped onto my radar. One of my mentors had used it to create a quiz that drove her email list from a few thousand to nearly 10,000 in about 90 days. She actually had a 55-60% completion and opt-in rate after making a couple of tweaks to her very first quiz.

Despite her instant success, I was skeptical. I’m not into taking gimmicky online quizzes. I couldn’t imagine that my target audience – whom I consider rather sophisticated – would be either.


Quizzes make total sense from the marketer’s perspective

I mean, it’s relatively difficult to attract engagement on Facebook or other social media platforms, and then actually get people to click through to your website, much less get them onto your email list so you can build a relationship with them and earn their trust.

But apparently, people LOVE quizzes, which was kind of a shocker for me. And I’ll admit it, I was wrong.

First, I did not need to create a “gimmicky” quiz. I’m rather proud of it, honestly.

And second, my test audience really did love it!


The psychology behind quizzes and surveys

Humans have an insatiable desire to learn more about who we are and why. Unlike other types of consumable online content, quizzes allow people to not only express themselves, but to make their own choices. Whereas most content is static, quizzes are interactive. People love learning about themselves and talking about themselves, and quizzes allow them to do both.

And my observation is that online audiences have now been somewhat conditioned to expect that if they’re going to take the time and expend the effort to give a marketer some insight about them via a quiz or survey, they’re likely to get something good in return, whether it be some additional insight about themselves, a fresh piece of valuable content, a discount code, or other freebie.


Choosing Interact for its options and features

One of the reasons I chose to do business with Interact was its myriad choices of pre-made templates. If you’re having any trouble deciding what to write a quiz about, just scrolling through the pre-made options can provide a ton of inspiration. And who knows? Maybe one of those templates will be exactly what you need and you’ll hardly need to do anything else! Plus everything is completely customizable from the content, to fonts, to colors, images and formatting.

I was also impressed by the amount of hand-holding I was offered by the Interact team. Any time I had a question, it was easy to either find the answer as I worked through the quiz builder itself, or in the archives, or by directly chatting with a real, live, articulate human being (there’s really nothing so refreshing as that in terms of customer service these days!)

Finally, I’ve been really impressed with Interact’s use of their own data (slicing and dicing their thousands of quizzes) to create recommendations for new users regarding seemingly minor details that could make a huge difference, including specific call to action (CTA) language, colors, number of questions, length of answers, images, etc. For instance, the most attractive colors for a CTA button are blue or orange. Who knew?

I chose one of the newest quiz formats, a scored quiz (as opposed to an assessment or personality quiz) and being who I am, of course, I had to make mine from scratch and I couldn’t follow their examples, or use their built-in, free(!) stock images. Mine had to be completely unique. But I love the way it turned out, and so far so good with my test audience!


Challenges I encountered, and overcame

Interact is growing and changing every day, and I did find some of the design aspects a little bit challenging. For instance, formatting in the results pages can be kind of annoying. Cutting and pasting leaves all kinds of weird glitches and using the bold or italics options requires retyping. However, I’ve been told that they’re already working on a fix for this.

All the custom images I uploaded required a reduction of file size. Not thinking I would use the small files for anything else, I dumped those versions after uploading. Turns out that wasn’t a good idea because my uploads are not archived on Interact. Again, I mentioned this and was told it was already on a punch list.

So, hey, keeping in mind that these guys have only been really up and running for about 3 years, and are completely self-funded, I can totally forgive any little bugs or glitches. They’ve spent literally thousands of hours listening to what their customers want, and then doing everything they can to design the right solution to deliver it. (I wonder if these guys have read Ask?) Anyway, I have the utmost respect for what they are doing!

That said, they are nimble and as mentioned earlier, extremely open to feedback and requests, and constantly adding help features. Just in the first month as I was developing my quiz (and all the various accoutrements that I developed to go with it before I launched), they came out with an updated video course walking clients through the full system of getting leads from your website or Facebook with a quiz. Talk about “just in time!” This series answered all my final questions just as I was finishing the last of the edits and getting ready to publish, and developing my follow-up sequences. It saved me a ton of time!


How the quiz fits into the larger system of driving traffic

Setting up the email sequences and additional freebies that come after the quiz was actually far more work for me than just setting up the quiz. But that’s only because of the way I’ve chosen to use my quiz and the fact that I’m still quite new at this funnel business.

That said, I love how seamlessly Interact connects with my ConvertKit account. In fact, it integrates with all the most popular email marketing platforms, and even some I hadn’t even heard of.

Anyway, for my situation, I wanted a quiz that I would incorporate into a Facebook ad to offer some insight to holistic health and wellness practitioners about the health of their businesses. Upon completing the last question of the quiz, they are asked for their name and email to see the results. Then they are taken to a results page, and simultaneously receive an email summarizing those same results, as well as a .pdf and offer to join a free email challenge. Upon completion of the challenge, participants will then feed into my ongoing newsletter list. And of course, if they want to work with me further, they’ve now been exposed to my style, probably seen my website and know where to find me. After continuing to build that relationship with them, I might offer them a program to help them up-level their business, or offer one-on-one coaching. And, the sky's the limit from there!

In the future, I will definitely use a mix of surveys and quizzes to drive traffic and gather data about my audience. I will go back to the ASK Method and weave the data I collect there into my quiz strategy a few months from now. As I said, I think the ASK Method is brilliant – it was just a matter of the wrong timing. For now, however, on the cusp of a new program launch, I’m keeping it simple with my first online quiz. I’ll let you know how it goes!


Why I’d recommend giving INTERACT a try …

One last thing I should mention that I love about Interact is that I realized that I've created this incredibly valuable piece of content that I can later edit to fit multiple additional target audiences. So, the next round of quizzing will be far easier and less time consuming!

Of course, there are so many choices in terms of quizzes and surveys and other tools! This is just the one I landed on and I happened to have a really great experience with it.

All in all, a quiz is a great way to start a personal conversation with your audience. And when they share their results, then you suddenly have social proof. It’s a win win.


Wanna TryInteract?

Seriously, if I can do it anyone can. Plus, you have nothing to lose ... it's free to try.


Now, I have to learn to drive traffic to my beautiful quiz, so coming soon: A deep dive into Facebook ads (can you picture the dread on my face?) …