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Out With The Old, In With The New

While the recent Great American Eclipse was a tremendous reminder of the power of nature, and that there are forces at work all around us that are completely out of our control, it was also, for me, a reminder about the things that are happening in my life and business that are completely within my control – that while I can’t control what is happening around me in terms of the Earth turning, days coming and going, political and market forces at work, or other people’s behavior, I can and do have the ability to dramatically change my own trajectory with just a few subtle shifts in the way that I think and the action that I take each day. And for my business, that means staying nimble, being able to adjust as I learn and experiment with what is and isn’t working.

Eclipses and other celestial happenings represent an opportunity for rebirth, a time for reflection, and the manifestation of new ideas. Whether you view this one as the spiritual awakening of the decade or not, it is an amazing celestial phenomenon, and it inspires even the most irreverent humans to stop and think about the meaning of life.

While many of us think of the New Year as THE time to do this kind of cleansing of our emotional houses, the truth is, we can hit the refresh button anytime we like. In fact, I like to start each workweek with a Monday morning check-in. I write down what I would like to accomplish for the week, what action I will take to get there, and even how I intend to feel. Then on Friday, I check back in with myself … did I take the action I said I would? Did I meet the goals and intentions I set for myself? And how did I feel? Are there any adjustments I might make for next week to make sure I am consistently working toward my long-term goals?

Maybe it seems almost too obvious, but the start of each new day is an excellent time for resetting, too. I remember when I was a kid, whenever I had a really difficult day that ended in crying or feeling somehow defeated, my dad would say: “It’s ok, tomorrow is a whole new day.” And he was right. A good night’s sleep is sometimes all it takes to wake up with a fresh perspective and new energy, and you get to start again. It’s an amazing opportunity to simply leave the past in the past.


Try asking yourself these questions anytime you’re ready for a refresh:

  1. What am I ready to RELEASE from my life?
  2. And what would I like to ATTRACT or WELCOME into my life?


Even if you viewed this eclipse as your one big chance to reset or transform, don’t fret if you haven’t yet taken the time to reflect. Know that you can reset your course at the beginning of the month, the start of the week, in the morning, or literally anytime. The key is to hit ‘pause,’ take some time to reflect, let go of what isn’t serving you, set some new intentions, and then take action.

Now, I'd love to hear from you ... What are your rituals around resetting, either in your business, or personally? Do you tend to do this only once a year, or when there's a big celestial shakedown, or do you check in and hit the refresh button more often? As always, thanks for sharing!