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Thoughts on Micromanagement (aka Helicopter Parenting Your Business)

One of the biggest problems I see with early-stage entrepreneurs is that they have a really hard time letting go and letting anyone else do things for them, whether it’s in the business’ best interest or not.

Entrepreneurs are so tied to their vision, their purpose. Their business is their baby, and they are so used to doing everything themselves that they have a death-grip on every activity.

They become myopic … like helicopter parents!

Letting go is a skill that has to be learned. Whereas, there are many people out there willing to hand over the reigns and let someone else drive so they don’t have to, for entrepreneurs, this is a struggle. We don’t easily let go. We like to be in control and tend to believe “if you want to something done right, you have to do it yourself.”

But that's a load of crap! And if you can’t get over that, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, my friend, but your business will not succeed in the long run! (Nor will your child, but that’s another article for another time.)

When it comes time to expand the business, whether by hiring outside consultants or part-time or full-time employees, this is the place where I feel entrepreneurs need the most help if they truly want their long-term vision to be attainable – for if you are to scale, you cannot do it alone.

By keeping all the most important duties to yourself, or hovering over someone as they attempt to do what you’ve asked, not only are you inhibiting their ability to help you in a meaningful way, the end result is you hurt yourself and your business. With this in mind, there’s no argument against changing the paradigm. But how?

First, none of us can operate in a bubble. We all rely on others in some capacity to get things done. Learning to pick those people deliberately, understanding how to communicate exactly what it is you expect from them, and then letting them do it, is something that few of us have ever been formally trained to do. So, it’s your responsibility, as the entrepreneur to go learn how.

If you’re micromanaging your business and the people in it, you’ve lost sight of the big picture elements you must keep your eye on in order to keep steering the ship in the right direction. My solution? Outsource everything that you don’t enjoy, or that would take a skilled person half the time or less!

But now you’re asking: Where do I find those people, and how do I know I can trust them? How do I judge if they’re a good fit when maybe I’ve never done this before? Why would I invest so much time in this when I have so much else to do and I’m not even sure it will work out? And how will I afford it?

Well, you’ll be happy to know, I hope, that I’m working on answers for all these questions and more!

As I build a new program designed to help entrepreneurs deal with exactly these conundrums, I’m gathering feedback directly from the source: early-stage entrepreneurs. My goal is to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs build high-functioning teams when people management isn’t necessarily their top skill.

Interested in adding your 2 cents? You can access the survey here.

Your feedback will be incorporated into the new courses and you'll even be offered early access! Something else you want? Don't be afraid to let me know!


Many entrepreneurs go into business because they are passionate about a particular product or service. They are consummate experts in what they are offering – they know how to build it, deliver it, sell it. But running a successful business requires an altogether different set of skills than creating or selling a product or service. I believe that’s one of the reasons so many small businesses fail in their first year.

But I don’t believe it has to be that way. It’s my mission to change that! Ready to come along for the ride? Join the HERE+NOW journey here.