Ever feel STUCK?


We all get stuck sometimes! Whether it’s the 3 o’clock slump, or an ongoing problem that is plaguing you (resulting in procrastination), or a case of over-stimulation leading to overwhelm. Download the 10 Simple Steps guide for free. Try the steps in any combination of 1-3 at a time and watch the magic unfold!

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Note: This is from my first post on Facebook (a.k.a. the HERE + NOW soft launch) in October, 2016. Just felt like it was a useful and relevant opener to include here as well. Enjoy! 

I help individuals and entrepreneurs get their personal sh*t together so they can get down to business. Too blunt? Maybe. Real? Definitely. Do you have time for me to sugar-coat this if you are really serious about your goals? Absolutely not!

So what do I mean by get your sh*t together? Well, have you ever felt stuck? Want to leave your job and go travel or start that business that you’ve always wanted to start, but you’re afraid? Want to take your business to the next level – branch out by launching a new product, or hosting live events, or booking yourself for public speaking gigs – but you’re too worried about what other people will think? Are you stuck doing what you’re doing and fearful of moving forward because maybe you’ve failed once or twice in the past?

We all have mental blocks, emotional hang-ups, or limiting beliefs that get in the way on occasion. Often we work around them. But sometimes they’re debilitating, and sometimes we can’t even see them because they’re so ingrained in our thinking or our way of being.

Here’s the deal: I’ve been stuck more times and in more ways than I can honestly recall. I had a friend say to me recently, as we were recounting those many ways: “And yet no matter how tough it gets, you always seem to land on your feet, or at least bounce back quickly. How the heck do you do that?” “I dunno,” I thought, “but there must be a method …” I’ve been on a journey of self-exploration, doing “The Work,” as Bryon Katie would call it, for a good 10 years by this point. I understood the workings of my own mind and how to get myself unstuck, but I had never mapped out the process. However, once I did, I realized it was something I MUST share. And by doing so, maybe I can save other people some of the headache of figuring it out from scratch!

The thing is, most of us *know* exactly what we need to do to reach our goals. So, why aren’t we doing it? Why aren’t we there already? Why don’t we have everything we want?

Well, it’s UNCOMFORTABLE facing your fears and emotions! Most of us would rather just avoid. Forget they exist at all. Seriously, who LIKES feeling uncomfortable?? So, we need a little hand-holding, a little help clarifying what it is we really really really want, and a little push in the right direction, and of course some assistance staying the course. If you’re ready to call out those mental and emotional blocks, embrace them for what they are (warning: it could get a little messy), find out how to shift your thinking, and learn some simple steps for climbing over (or stepping around) the obstacles so you can get on with the work you were really meant to do HERE + NOW, get in touch. And let’s get unstuck together.