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Let's dig in!

I’ve said it before – I’ve been stuck more times and in more ways than I can count. Out of those experiences (and my desire to keep moving forward), I have developed a program to help anyone identify your true goals and move through anything that’s holding you back so you can reach your ultimate success and enjoy the ride (because if you can't enjoy it, what is the point?)

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At HERE + NOW, I walk you through a 5-step coaching process,

customized to your specific needs:


1.     Clarify Your Vision & Direction

2.     Strategize & Create Your Action Plan

3.     Upgrade Your Skills

4.     Optimize Your Environment

5.     Master Your Psychology

Ground Rules

I mentioned fun earlier, but that does not mean it’s all going to be easy …

  • You must be willing to do the work. If you do the work, success is inevitable.
  • You must show up to appointments when you say you will. If you can’t keep at least that commitment, we’re doomed.
  • You must be open to new ideas and approaches. What I suggest will, on occasion, push you out of your comfort zone. If you’re not open to changing, you will stay stuck.
  • You must be willing to be totally open and honest. There is no judgement here, so we’ll get a lot further a lot faster if you lay it all out on the table from the start.
  •  You must be willing to let go a little bit and have fun! It’s not always going to be easy, but if it’s not fun some of the time, what’s the point?

Just to be clear, I like a little bit of woo-woo. This is coaching after all – we have to talk about feelings to get past the blocks and get you unstuck. It’s not for everyone, but at the same time, I take a no-BS approach. I will hold your hand, but I will not sugar-coat the issue.

Are you up for it?? LET’S DO THIS! If you’re ready to get UNSTUCK and take your life and business to the next level, let’s talk. 

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"After the initial "Get Unstuck" phone call, my partner and I felt a great deal of relief. Megan has an innate and intuitive gift for hearing what her client is really saying regarding their desires, needs, frustrations and road blocks. Her ability to break down the process and plan of action to meet goals and develop a more authentic life is one she makes very accessible." 


"After one initial meeting with Megan I was able to find the clarity, vision, and purpose to my ideas and begin moving forward with developing an action plan to put these thoughts into motion. Her encouragement, guidance, and advice made me ask myself critical questions which gave insight to the building blocks and road map I needed to start my business development process. Megan helped me begin to tackle my fears, see myself and path clearly, and realize that I was the only thing holding myself back and it was time to chase my dreams."



One-on-One Coaching

Most coaching will take place on the phone, so no matter where you are that week, you can continue moving forward. Private coaching clients in the Get Unstuck Program will have access to a private Facebook group to connect with others! 

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Group Coaching

Group coaching programs will be available soon. Clients find that they can learn so much from sharing struggles and successes and receiving coaching in a group setting. To receive updates and be sure to be informed when the first group kicks off, 

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